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It’s time for another giveaway!

Last time, I did a giveaway for my Etsy shop and the winner got some awesome goods, and I am also still trying to catch up with finishing her customized jacket!

This giveaway is a bit different! Because I work for Hot Topic, I have access to some awesome stuff and my closet is filled with duplicates of so much clothing. These pieces I’ve either worn once or not at all and/or I have a duplicate of it in my closet!

This giveaway includes:

- (1) Misfits fitted dress w/ bright green zipper on the back, Size MEDIUM
- (1) American Eagle Black Romper (Tags attached), Size SMALL
- (1) Iron Fist Skeleton Dress, Size SMALL
- (1) Sid & Nancy cheetah tote bag (from my Etsy shop)
- (2) Feather w/ veil hair clip pieces
- (4) Hair Bands (Pink feather, spikes, black rose, and black feather)
- (1) Pack of Nag Champa incense
- (1) Palmistry guide
- (1) Amethyst stone
- (1) 14g Morbid Metals faux leather strip earrings
- (1) pair of H&M sunnies
- (1) Ouija mints (not opened)
- (1) pair of pink mouse earrings with matching ring (from my Etsy shop)
- (1) pair of Iron Fist Zombie Psychobilly heels, size 7

Also included, but not pictured:
- (4) books; The Zombie Survival Guide, The Only Wiccan Spellbook You’ll Ever Need, Devotions By Dead People, & The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings (all books are pre-owned)
- (1) The Cramps coin purse
- (2) pairs of false eyelashes
- (1) Quartz stone pouch filled with additional crystals
- (1) copy of Pan’s Labyrinth (Pre-owned)
- (1) copy of The Crow (New)

1. You DO NOT have to be following me. However, if you are a follower and you win, I will be adding in other goodies from Hot Topic/Sephora as well as extra comic books. I might also part ways with my Mitch Lucker “Get in Our Pants” campaign scroll poster. It all depends on whether or not the winner wants it/decides to follow my tumblr.
2. You can re-blog as much as you want and like this post, but be courteous! Don’t flood your followers’ dashboards!
3. I will be choosing a winner once I feel this post has a good amount of notes and using a random online generator.

Good luck and positive vibes, babes!
~ Alexis Delacour

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he looks like he just got caught playing with the puppets by his wife

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6 of the Scariest Abandoned Mental Asylums in America

There are abandoned mental hospitals across the U.S. and horror took place in all of them. Here are six of the scariest of them all. See the whole gallery at Stuff You Should Know.


Series of paintings discovered in an abandon mental asylum in Italy.

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